Team Philippines wins BIG at the Australasia 2013 shooting competition


I still can’t believe how we weren’t able to make such a BIG deal about this. Practical Shooting is a competition where Filipinos can actually excel at since it doesn’t require height or built to win. 😀 Really just proud of Jethro Dionisio and the whole team. Special shoutout to Armscor Philippines for supporting the team. 🙂

Team Philippines, led by top shooter and former Olympian Jethro Dionisio, scored big at the 2013 Australasian IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) Handgun Championships held recently at Rotorua, New Zealand. The team won 30 gold medals, 22 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals.  In the individual awards, the Philippines clinched the gold medals in 4 out of 5 Divisions and a silver medal in the remaining division.  The Philippines reaped gold medals in the team awards in 4 out of 5 divisions and a silver medal in the remaining division.

Dionisio ranked first overall for the Standard Division with 1992.4398 points while Jeufro Emil Lejano took the lead in the Production Division with 1910.0408 points. Philipp Chua, also of Team Philippines, ranked first at the Revolver Division with 2032.3391 points.

The Philippine team, whose firearms and training requirements were supported by top firearm manufacturer Armscor Philippines, bested other teams coming from 25 countries to capture the top spot in the following categories: Classic Division with 5484.3188 points; Junior Division with 4604.0492 points; Production Division with 5496.1104; Revolver (Standard) Division with 4255.7329 points; and Standard Division (General Category) with 5708.6417 points.

Members of Team Philippines showed they were in top form in the individual categories with Nelson Uygconco placing second at the overall match and the Classic Division, while Edcel John Gino ranked third overall for the Open Division. The team also copped second place finishes at the Open Division General Category, Ladies Category and the Seniors Category.

“Everyone’s happy with the results considering that we had a hard time training since the preparations coincided with the gun ban. We all waited for our permits before we could train,” an elated Dionisio disclosed.

“I believe the awards that the Philippines reaped in this year’s Australasian competition are more than the previous ones. I think the results of the competition definitely elevated the state of the sport in the country,” Dionisio, a six-time world champion in pistol shooting, added.

Some 120 shooters coming from various areas in the country represented the Philippines, with top firearms and ammunitions manufacturers a major sponsor donating close to P3 million worth of ammunition for training.

“Armscor is committed to training and honing the next generation of competitive shooting champions. Our continued support for practical and competitive shooting  is also our contribution to Philippine sports,” said Gina Marie Angangco, Armscor Senior Executive Vice President and Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


The 2013 Australasian IPSC Handgun Championships (AA2013) is one of the most prestigious pistol matches that draws top-class pistol shooters from all over the world. Over 750 participants representing 25 countries took part in the recently concluded competition.

Photo c/o Jethro Dionisio


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